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Our Mission

Our Founders

Denise McConnell, co-founder of BASE Programs is a cultural

Corie Slali Sandor, co-founder of BASE Programs has a passion for creative learning.... blah... music... surf.... CSUSM SDSU

It all begins with an idea...

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We believe that education supports student success.  Expanded learning programs provide opportunity for student growth through dynamic fundamentals of whole child education.

Working closely with school administrators, we offer intentional programs that focus on student engagement and supplemental learning through the basics of 21st century learning.  We provide students with opportunities to cultivate these skills and learn to discover their individual interests and talents.


Our program offers the essential components that we believe support whole child education in expanded learning programs.


21st Century


21st century skills are common core competencies that help students succeed in today's world

21st Century Skills

Imagination and Curiosity
Empathy & Global Stewardship
Initiative and Entrepreneurship
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
Effective Communication Skills
Agility & Adaptability
Collaboration Across Networks

Here are a few of our favorite things...

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