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AM Program

Kinder Program

PM Program

ASES PM Program

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Hours and Tuition

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21st Century Expanded Learning Programs

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Our co leaders at Foussat Elementary create quite a dynamic duo.  Alison, a graduate of UC Berkeley, is driven by excellence in her rapport with school faculty, families and students.  She is fueled by a passion to create a community that supports student success.  Anna, a M.A. in Fine Arts, shares her talent through curriculum and design.  As one of our most talented artists on board, she creates intentional lessons that ignite the learning process.




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Program Components

All of our programs offer the essential components that support whole child education

Academics       Athletics       Enrichment

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Learning That Extends Beyond The School Day

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Registation Information

The Registration Process

Download the initial application and email to

Wait for a response email from school coordinator with additional forms

Complete the digital parent agreement forms

Pay registration fees and tuition

Receive a confirmation of enrollment and start date

ASES PM Program Applicants

The ASES PM grant is through the OUSD school district.  ASES applications must be filled out in person at the school site.  There are no financial requirements to qualify, however the ASES grant does require adherence to a strict attendance policy.  

Hours and Tuition

AM Program


$180 monthly

TK Program


$320 monthly

Kinder Program


$120 monthly

PM Program


ASES funded

Tuition is based on an annual basis (180 school days) and has been prorated to be the same rate each month. *Please note that August and June are half cost.